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Students stand in the bracken under coniferous trees listening to a lecturer

Reaching Out

The renaissance of interest in woodlands and timber cannot be missed.

Trees in our landscape and wood in our homes are set to become increasingly important elements of all of our lives. It truly is an exciting and terrifying moment for us as a sector, yet we are so so very bad at sharing and communicating about it.

Frustrated by this we drew together a team of media and marketing specialists to work with us and now find ourselves fully embedded in the dynamic world of media, and we can’t get enough of it.

The excitement and possibility of engaging more people and forging new connections never fails to energise us.

Jez Ralph delivering training and education at a conference


We “teach” at universities, deliver continued professional development (CPD), talk at conferences and provide public speaking for architects, foresters, and anyone with an interest.

We don’t like the labels ‘teaching’ or ‘lecturing’, who are we to pretend to know it all. Think of it as conversations, where we can bring our forestry and timber experience and you bring your diverse experience from wherever it is.

If you want to discuss landscape evolution, timber products & properties, the importance of woodland or opinion pieces get in touch.

The Great Hall at the Dartington Estate full of small groups of people around tables discussing conference themes

Creating a new wood culture

Beyond our own small worlds is a huge story about the opportunities and challenges of our relationship with trees and woods.

We aren’t going to change the world (yet), but we can work with you to do our bit.

We work with the public sector, NGO’s, and private customers to share wider reaching stories about sustainable woodland management and our connection to trees and wood through film, written word and live-streaming.

We have the expertise and want to tell the story of a new symbiotic relationship with the landscape we share.

Alice Carfrae stands in the woods looking down her camera lens backlit by golden sunshine

Telling your story

Working alongside you we can enhance your passion sharing your product, your story, your service, and your idea on a journey out into the world.

We’ve made films, animation, and shorts, created website copy and written blogs for many of our collaborators. We’ve also undertaken market research and promotional strategy focussed on current and future methods of engagement and communication.

Let’s tell your story together.

If you have a project you'd like to discuss, drop us a line.

Get In Touch

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