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Our Approach

We live for innovation, curiosity, challenging convention, and creating symbiotic relationships with our natural world.

We don’t see a difference between timber-product development and ecological surveying; we believe that the path to better business development or land-use change is in seeking out the spaces that the environmental, the social and economics come together and compliment each other. We don’t believe that’s idealistic greenwash, we believe it is something very real, and very achievable.

Is that you too? Come and play.

Craft & technology

Is there a difference? We don’t think so. The rich tradition of wood crafts and silviculture continue in the digital world in robotic fabrication and 3D scanning. Whether restoring ancient crafts for modern issues or something new we believe you are the new craftspeople of a new renaissance in trees and wood.

Woodland & forestry

Of the upmost importance to us is that the evolving landscapes within which we live and work are vibrant and healthy. What is woodland? What is forestry? Where does urban forestry and agroforestry fit in? We’re bored of barriers and ready to apply good silvicultural principles whatever the treescape and whoever uses it, works in it, or is guardian of it.

Making trees and buildings work better together

As we move to a more bio-based economy our connection to the landscape grows evermore important and our considered use of it even more critical. Our approach is to restore the balance between the natural and built landscapes, observing them as a continuum. Making the increased use of timber sustainable and well-thought out, creating circular material economies, making micro- and macro landscapes the start, not the afterthought of architecture.

People & nature

We like connecting people. We want to bring together people from different backgrounds, disciplines, and experience to throw their ideas into the melting pot together. Within our business we work with specialists from media, food, agriculture, architecture, ecology, and engineering because they all have something to offer that we don’t. Within our client base are farmers and architects, foresters and public, urban and rural. Diversity is vital to enhancing symbiosis with our natural world. The less you think this is an area you can contribute to, the more interested we are in talking to you.
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