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Innovation, Research, & Development

We take your ideas and work with you to develop your products and services.

Our unique position with expertise in forestry, supply, and end-user demand allows us to bridge the gap, carving new connections between forest and user. We’ve worked with sawmills to undertake research and development on new products, worked with landowners to assess new potentials of innovative silvicultural systems, and worked with large national organisations gathering vital habitat data that inform future land use plans.

Whether it’s market assessment, certification, pre-production feasibility, or product testing we can help realise the potential of your ideas.

Making real changes

To evolve to a more ecologically driven land use that also provides both modern food and timber requires entrepreneurship. We love working with those who see opportunity and prospect; existing knowledge of forestry and timber or not, we help those in the sector seeking out new ways and embracing change.

Market analysis, business development, investment & funding advice, and promotional work are where we started, but at the heart of everything we do is a very real commitment to and passion for sustainable development.

If this doesn’t resonate with you, or you’re simply interested in bandwagons, we probably aren’t the right people for you.

Greenwash just doesn’t wash.

A new age of digital technologies

Just in case you’ve spent too long in the forest, it’s worth noting that we are still very much in a digital revolution that matches the industrial revolution in impact. It’s incredible, exhilarating, and it’s changing us daily. The forestry and woodland sectors are generally pretty far behind in adapting to it.

We’ve helped clients develop app-based survey tools for ecological surveying; worked on robotics and CNC machining for architectural timber; are involved in 3D scanning of forests for both inventory and ecological condition assessment; and help clients access the world of digital marketing and promotion.

New digital crafts have the potential to change how we co-exist with our landscape and make a better personal connection, and we’re here for it.

Pushing the boundaries

Conservative sectors die by the mantra “it can’t be done”.

We’re bored of this. There’s no room left for stale approaches and defeatist attitudes. We’ve helped clients develop engineered timber; new modification technologies and biorefineries. We’ve used electron microscopy to inform product development, we’ve refined high-value applications for urban timber, pushed for agroforestry at a time when everyone laughed at us.

Throughout all of this we have purposefully put together crafted a network of inspiring research collaborators from sectors you would think have nothing to offer to forestry and timber so that we can develop and push your ideas with you.

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