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Devon Elevation Fund

In May 2022 we applied to The Devon Elevation Fund (DEF). A revenue grants scheme designed to assist small businesses like ours in Devon. Fresh off the back of the previous Autumn’s filming and excited to connect with more people via the medium of film we applied for help upgrading our tech and office set-up.

The funding opportunity also arrived at a time when we were rebranding and has helped us to create and launch our new name and look – with the very talented Studio in The Sticks. We love working with like-minded creative and curious people who share our passions are principles. Steve was pure joy to meander the process of ‘who we are’ and ‘what we do’ with. We also managed to send Kath on an infographics course – so stay tuned for sexed-up reports and beautiful communications.

In all seriousness, finding new, innovative, and creative ways of communicating is something we are very passionate about. How we communicate and the mediums we choose have such a vital impact on engaging people outside of our industry. And we are here for it. Find out more about our filming and media journey and upcoming projects in our portfolio.

The work has been supported by Devon County Council through the Devon Elevation Fund: Community Renewal Fund


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