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Evolving the Forest Book launch

Evolving the Forest first took place as a major conference to mark the centenary of the Forestry Commission in 2019.

2020 brought a whole new world from Brexit through to Covid and it seemed right to revisit Evolving the Forest, this time as a publication.  We invited all those who contributed to the conference and others to contribute to the book.  From 155 proposals we selected 36 scientists, artists, thinkers and policy makers to write and draw what the future of forestry is.

After months of compiling and editing the book has finally been published.  442 pages, 231 images, musings, opinion, science and art.  Its geographical breadth covers forest-fire in Canada to the fungi beneath are feet. Its range from abstract art through polemic to citizen science.

Read An Excerpt

To get a feel of the book you can now download Jez Ralph’s chapter on Forestry 2021 here and see some other pages and images here.

The book went on sale in late December and we are already getting feedback from people who have had the time over Christmas to delve in:

“Your event (and book) crystallises the realisation that trees and woodland mean far more than timber and investment opportunities to most people. This has been reviving for decades, but your event and the impact of the virus could well be seen as another landmark in forestry.”

” I just wanted to say congratulations to you and your fellow editors and contributors.  There is so much to it, so many different aspects, so many different thoughts and experiences it is an adventure every time I open the book. ”


The book is now available from our partners at here.


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