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Film & Documentary making

Updated: Apr 6


We’re not sure how we started making films.  But we seem to be here now in the exciting, terrifying work of documentary & short-film making.

We’ll blame Alice.  Alice Carfrae: photographer, videographer, editor, turned up in our lives during Covid.  We loved her work, the human focus, the eye for colour palettes that spoke to us.  She was working on the Tree radicals podcasts at the same time we were recording them for Woodland Presents.

In 2021 an opportunity presented itself for us to collaborate and help Cumbria Woodlands produce a series on Woodland Management. It allowed us to work together and understand more about film making.  The conversations were mainly along the lines of Alice telling us how to do things, us telling Alice how we thought it should be done, us going back to Alice cap-in-hand later admitting she was right.  We provide the content input, Alice provides the artistic, media and technical expertise.

At some point Alice and Kath were left alone in a room together and when they came out we were apparently making a documentary.  At the time of writing we are deep into filming in  Nepal, Scotland, Germany, England, London, looking at how community owned forests impact the communities that rely on them.  Asking questions about the future of community engagement in our trees and woodlands.  The film has been hugely generously supported by the Vastern Timber 1% fund.

Now we are producing for other clients.  Short films on technical and more thoughtful subjects.  In the forest, in the studio.  The richness of content that moving images brings is compelling.  We are on a mission to drag our sectors and and our collaborators on a journey to beautifully presented ideas, products and services through film, through photography and through written media.



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