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Future Trees Trust Supporters Day

The Future Trees Trust are a charity researching and growing the resilient broadleaf species & hybrids we will need for good sustainable future forests. In 2019 they helped us through a Patsy Wood Scholarship to employ a trainee and this is the first chance we have had to repay their trust in us in a very small way.

The 2022 Supporters Day was held at another long-time collaborator of ours, Vastern Timber and we took a trip up there to give a presentation on the economic need for well researched resilient planting stock to grow ecologically diverse woodlands producing good quality timber.

The day was a coming together of much of our past work. We saw the Brimstone thermal modification plant, which we helped Vastern Timber build, working. Future Trees Trust shared updates on some of their ongoing research, read more here. And we got to connect with others and deliver a talk on a subject we are passionate about. Most important of all though, we made new connections with people excited about innovation and the development of our sector.


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