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Live and online woodland management course


In late 2021 we completed a series of five live-stream 90-minute programmes on woodland management for Cumbria Woodlands.  These are now available to view at your leisure via the Canopy Learning platform.

The brief was simple: explain to a public audience why and how woodlands need to be managed.

The delivery not quite so simple.  We started by outlining the content divided into 5 areas: Introduction; woodland assessment; silviculture; ecology and timber products.

We then marched into the woods with our videographer Alice Carfrae. Several cold and damp days of learning how to walk and talk in beautiful surrounds  and filmed a series of 10 minute segments for the programmes.  An editing marathon later we were ready to throw ourselves on the public.

The live-stream studio and technology were very generously supported by the Creative Engagement Group who provided the technology we needed to produce TV quality programming live to air on winter’s evenings.

The programmes themselves, fronted by Jez and Kath interspersed video segments, live segments and live questions from the audience.

Feedback from the course…

“I’m new to the subject, really enjoyed the sessions”

“This is where Forestry needs to be going”

“Fantastic course, excellent content and presented in an accessible way for a newbie”

“Jez and Kath worked well together (like Phil and Kirsty)”…we aren’t so sure that’s how we want to be remembered but we’ll take it for the moment.



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