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Red Deer and Forestry: Giving an author a helping hand


When people without forestry expertise need a hand to realise their dream, we are ever ready to lend a hand.  Red Deer and Forestry in History and Prehistory was published in the 1980s by Jack Chard.  Now his son and daughter want to republish this seminal work on British forestry.

The book needed to be more focussed on a modern audience in language and layout.  We worked with Bob and Margaret to write a series of appendices explaining the context of much of Jack’s work.  We brought the book up to date with notes.  We then moved onto images.  Bob and Margaret had a long-list of over 100 images to whittle down to 30.  To do this we enlisted the help of artists and good friend Naomi Hart.  She came in to help us create a narrative of imagery spanning two thousand years of forest management in Britain.

Currently we are working between the Chard’s and the editor Ian Rotherham on the final edit.

This is what we love.  Projects that allow us to draw teams of collaborators together to realise the dreams of clients whose ideas are on the edge of possibility.



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