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Timber Potential in the Wyre Forest

Wyre forest is a fascinating hidden gem close to the urban centres of the Midlands, a large area of predominantly oak forest with a deep history.  Working with the Silvanus Trust we were invited to undertake a detailed study of the standing resource, possible markets and routes to those markets that conserved the environmental priorities of the forest but added value to timber due to be thinned.  A volume and quality assessment was undertaken of the standing timber whilst a detailed market study identified social groupings and affluence within 10, 20 and 50 miles radius of the forest.

Once the initial survey was concluded we were able to match potential products that could be derived from the timber (based on quality, volume and processing costs) against potential market groups.  For instance closer to the forest more affluent communities may be interested in aspirational purchases such as hardwood floors or timber-frame extensions whilst the large urban communities close by may lend themselves to smaller sails such as chopping boards, wooden gifts etc.

The Wyre Forest is now developing a timber processing centre to follow through on the results of this study.


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