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Welcome to Evolving Forests

Welcome to Evolving Forests!

A new space for forest innovation. What was Timber Strategies now has a new face and a new body. Why the change? We’d outgrown our old shell, our work has expanded and so has our team.  Timber Strategies had been the trading name of Jez Ralph, our Director but as we’ve evolved a new format was needed.  Our work has grown beyond writing timber strategies to include media, teaching and R&D. We wanted to focus on the future and explicitly tell our clients, new and old, who we are.  We wanted to shout about what we stand for.

With these changes our team has expanded.  Kath Giles joined in January 2022 and we are now seeking another full-time member of staff.  We’ve moved from sole-trader to Ltd company, we are getting serious about having fun in the world of forestry, trees and timber.

We’re pretty bloody excited about this new direction in our adventure.

But what’s in the name? We trawled a thousand words relating to trees, agonised for hours.  Many of you may recognise the name as a riff on Evolving the Forest which we’ve been using for conferences and books and film festivals with our friends and collaborators Art.Earth. We can’t quite remember where the name came from originally but we are hugely grateful to Richard and Minou for agreeing to let us take it and play with it.  It’s humbling to know that we can count on the generosity of those around us when we need it.

So many people to thank for getting Evolving Forests to where it is today. All of our collaborators and clients and friends. Art.Earth obviously.  Thea Platt, our coach and mentor, listener and questioner.  If anyone is feeling vaguely lost in their business, 100% get a business coach!  And Steve at Studio in the Sticks whose taken all our ramblings and made them into a coherent brand and website.

We want to help you be part of the tree based renaissance, as a client, as a supporter, as just an interested party.  Follow us here, on Linkedin  and Instagram @evolving_forests


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